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Charter Management

Offering your yacht for charter allows your asset to earn you income when you aren’t spending time on aboard, offsetting the cost of ownership and maximizing your vessel’s value through a proven charter reputation.

Aside from the financial incentives, there are other benefits in terms of crew retention and morale. In addition, your vessel will benefit from ongoing care and maintenance.

Whether you plan to have your yacht booked for summer charters or want to have it busy just a few weeks of the year, we will place high-quality charter clients on board. Our experienced charter team will position your yacht and crew on the international luxury yacht market with a tailored marketing strategy to attract the right clientele at the best-suited price.


Whether you are interested in buying or selling a yacht, our company will assist you ! We cover the whole sales transaction from yacht selection to acquisition and are capable of giving the best guidance.

You might be interested in investing in a luxury asset like a motor yacht and make profit by allowing us to rent it when you’re not using it. Alternatively, you may be looking to sell your yacht. L World Yachting will be involved from due diligence to negotiation and deal closing, so that you get the best sales deal !


A leader in professional yacht management, L World Yachting offers support in every aspect of your yacht’s operations from crew solutions and insurance, to technical management, quality assurance and project management for new builds, refits and rebirths.

L World Yachting has a wealth of experience in dealing with day-to-day issues related to large yacht operation and has a full range of management services to deliver optimum results with maximum efficiency in all aspects of yacht management.

Charter Marketing

Our charter marketing team focuses on showcasing your yacht worldwide. From professional videography, to creation of creative materials and publicity in high-profile yachting, our team provides bespoke marketing services to make sure your yacht is always high on demand !

Our tailor-made marketing approach and our team of experts are here to visualize your dream promotional plan, using technology and trends the obtain the most qualified leads.

VIP Amenities & Concierge Services

As a VIP and luxury yachting services company, we want our customers to experience the exceptional. All aspects of the yachting cruise are designed to incite guests to enter a journey of blissful indulgence like no other.

Our team is ready to offer any additional service our customers may need to elevate their experience, from airport transfers, to sightseeing tours and private aviation services (helicopter, private jet etc). We can arrange a car rental on an island or a guide to take them through local history and archaeological sites of the places they visit. We are always ready to facilitate our customers’ schedule by making reservations in hotels/restaurants and recommending daily activities to make their most out of their

Guests can explore new coves by kayak, engage in paddleboarding or jet ski with friends and family. We also collaborate with certified divers and organize diving sessions for our customers in various parts of Greece.
In addition, we offer transportation services from and to the marina using limos, mini vans or helicopters. 

In addition, we offer transportation services from and to the marina using limos, mini vans or helicopters. VIP Concierge services are one of our strongest points. We are always ready to serve our customers and facilitate their schedule by making reservations in hotels/restaurants and recommending daily activities to make their most out of their 

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L World Yachting is a high-end yachting firm based in Athens Greece that provides top notch yachting services from chartering and brokerage, to sales, management, and construction.

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