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Own a yacht and own …the world! The sea is your home away from your home, your yacht is your private island. Enjoy the diversity of the scenery and cruise into the comfort, safety, elegance and fun!

With decades of experience on water and in the industry, our team of brokers will help you make the best decision, based on your needs and preferences. Purchasing a yacht is an important investment and we will make sure the process in smooth and enjoyable step by step. Our goal is to source a yacht for and your family to enjoy for many years to come.

Your Yacht 
is your asset

Make a long-term wise investment

Your yacht is your asset. With L World Yachting yacht sales, we turn your expense into a valuable investment. The yacht is yours all year long and we manage it for you when you are not using it to make a profit out of your investment.


Upgrade to a new yacht

Whether your are looking for more size or upgraded leisure facilities, our team of experts makes sure you make an informed decision from an abundance of different options available.


Ensure professional management for your yacht

From day-to-day management to yacht crew recruitment and financial management, professional yacht management is necessary. Our team ensures that you can reap the benefits of your valuable assets while maximizing your return on investment.



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L World Yachting is a high-end yachting firm based in Athens Greece that provides top notch yachting services from chartering and brokerage, to sales, management, and construction.

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