Supervision and good management is the key to a yachting experience without stress and worries. In any case, even you want to buy, build, refit or charter, L World Yachting takes care of every detail of a yacht’s operation. The happy crew, the daily care of your yacht, the protection of your investment, is some of the features that are going to make you feel comfortable. We want you to feel safe with us, we have the experience, the ability and the contacts you may need.


Yacht Accounts

Considerate, attentive and transparent financial management is the key to success of your yacht’s schedule, even in private operation or for charter. L World Yachting comprehends with the importance of that, and our accounting team provides with the best financial management services. In order to ensure a careful budget and account, we constantly work closely with the yacht’s owner, representative and captain. We will establish, maintain, observation accounts and then prepare and implement functioning budgets. The progress of this work will be presented periodically with the option of the access of the client in real time to the financial data. L World Yachting’s accounting team will also provide the client with financial audits, which explain actual expenditure against budgeting expenditures to make sure that the program is on track.

L World Yachting can arrange the purchase of investments and organize payments to suppliers and creditors, the crew payroll and any other yacht expenses, on time and within budget. Our team will sustain relationships and organize classification with tax authorities and aid to secure VAT-free procurements where suitable. Our personalized approach means that we take time to import owners and reps to trustworthy and distinguished suppliers, assuring access to the most antagonistic prices and quotes.


Yacht Regulatory Compliance

L Yacht Management will work to confirm your yacht is totally amenable. As superyacht directions develop and expand, we can aim with all aspects of keeping your yacht in a directing assent. We organize yacht certifications and examination, we advice on policies, new methods and harmonize with supervisory boards for ISM/ISPS compliance, flag state, requirements and more.

Contact the L Yacht Management team today to discuss your supervisory questions and conditions.


Yacht Crew Management

The satisfaction of your superyacht is based on the perfection of your crew. L Yacht Management’s crew recruitment and administrative will help to ensure that your crew works and cooperates in an excellent way. Working with the L Crew Team and their extensive database of qualified crew, we can recruit the most professional, experienced and simply superb crew, whilst ensuring a low turnover rate. We thoroughly check applicants’ certifications and references, and we will conduct interviews and evaluations to find your superyacht the best team.


Yacht Operations Management

L Yacht Management’s experienced team takes care of all the operations involved in running your superyacht, in order to spend your precious time simply enjoying being on board. A world leader in superyacht management, L offers support in every aspect of your yacht from crew solutions and insurance to finance and charter marketing. We work closely with owners, captains and crew to make sure the yacht operates at its full potential at all times. The L Yacht Management team is composed of skilled professionals in every field of yacht operations who fully understand the requirements and challenges of modern super yachting. Our team offers hands-on support in: financial management and budget forecasting; ISM/ISPS and mini-ISM compliance; crew management; class and flag compliance; insurance; technical management; operational management; quality assurance and crew training; project management for new builds, refits and conversions.



Yacht Registration & VAT

Choosing the correct flag state, where a yacht is registered, is an important part of a yacht’s overall make-up and can even affect its perceived value. L Yacht Management experts will work with clients, informing them of the various regulations and requirements so they can make the right decisions based on their particular circumstances. The L Yacht Management team can arrange registration for new build projects or ensure an existing yacht’s registration is audited and up to date.



Yacht Insurance

Using our expertise and contacts within the insurance world, the L Yacht Management team works to ensure our clients obtain and maintain the right cover for their yachts, delivered at a competitive price. We will always review schedules and ensure that cover is adequate for a yacht’s cruising needs. Contact the L Management Team to discuss your insurance requirements.


Yacht Charter Management

Offering your yacht for charter allows your asset to work for you, earning you income when you aren’t spending time on board, offsetting the cost of ownership and even enhancing your vessel’s market value through a proven charter reputation. Aside from the financial incentives for an owner, there are proven benefits to crew retention and morale, as a fully motivated crew will usually be a happy one. Your vessel will, accordingly, enjoy and benefit from regular and ongoing care and maintenance. As with any piece of sophisticated machinery, a yacht needs to be worked, as well as maintained, to ensure reliability. Whether you plan to have your yacht booked for back-to-back summer charters or want to have it busy just a few weeks per year, we aim to place qualified, high-quality charter clients on board. Our international charter team is the best in the business, with a proven track record in achieving top results for our clients.


Charter Management Team

Our marketing team for charter clients is focused on promoting yachts around the world. With many years of experience in charter marketing, destinations, shore-side support and a broker contact book that will ensure your yacht is always in demand.

Contact our team today to discuss chartering your yacht and the earnings you can enjoy from it.


Yacht Management Team

The L Yacht Management Team is ready to give you a pleasant, lustrous and delightful experience. Our dedicated team brings expertise from the new build, refit, supplier, crew and regulatory sectors, allowing us to offer you real-world experience and solutions to your everyday yachting requirements.

Contact us any time to discuss your yacht management needs.