L World Yachting maintains an extensive register of highly qualified crew. We acknowledge that the crew is the most important working part of any yacht. We embrace and support any level, from captain to deckhand and our goal is a cooperative and professional team, focused on providing the ultimate service.
We work with owners to understand the way that they choose to operate the yacht and then originate an effective conformation of the crew to function smoothly within.

Comprehension of the people is what makes L World Yachting a trustful crew agency. We always try to find the client’s best interest. We search for the perfect crew and providing them with our full trust and support and that is the best warranty that your yacht will operate to the highest possible standard.
Developing a new career path, being a sounding board for ideas, frustrations and ambitions – L World Yachting yacht managers have a perception over time. We know the opportunities and how to look after each one of our crew. Inspiring loyalty to captain owner and yacht is one of our most invaluable services.

Do you have any questions about vacancies? Who are the best candidates for each task? Which yachts are the best to work on (and why)?
Don’t hesitate to contact us for any information you may need! Ensuring pay levels are competitive, employment contracts are mutually fair and that safety is everyone’s priority, L World Yachting has the answers and opportunities for both owners and crew.