Whether you are interested in buying or selling a yacht, our company will assist you! We can cover the whole sales transaction from yacht selection to acquisition.
At your service!

What is your priority? What really matters to you? Are you looking for price per ton or resale value? Is it about genealogy or maintenance? Our brokers have a remarkable profound perception. L World Yachting gives reason for brokerage decisions.

Actually marketing has to do with trust and new ideas and not only with economical facts and budgets. L World Yachting has its own way of persuasion and it helps brokers sell.

The Business of Yachting is our specific field and we are capable of giving the best guidance. L World Yachting is pleased to give you some precious advice. and every deal puts under analysis, every opponent scrutinized so you can achieve a source of power including the right yachts at the right price.


Yachts for Charter

We offer an overall yacht chartering service. Our charter clients can enjoy the satisfaction that only luxury yachting offers. If you are looking for a memorable yachting experience, we can provide you with everything you need!

Our experience makes us capable of knowing the features of a successful charter, and the way that you can acquire it. We can assure you that we have the best crew, which is well-trained, joyful and ready to make your holidays a life-lasting experience!
Our brokers have a universal knowledge of the fleet, and are capable of providing you with the best yacht to charter! Whether you want contemporary or classic yacht, you can rely on our technicians and experts to find you the perfect deal.

Our ambition is to make sure that you will feel safe and welcome from the moment you step on board. The professionally trained crew that constitutes L World Yachting will be fully informed about your needs, before you even ask for it!

Dream Destinations!

Every year we search for the finest charter destinations.